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Excursions Tour de ville VALENCIA BIKE TOUR
Excursions Tour de ville VALENCIA BIKE TOUR
 Excursions Tour de ville VALENCIA BIKE TOUR
Excursions Tour de ville Local activité


Paseo de la Pechina, 32 bajo izquierdo
46008 Valencia

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A bike tour is the most original way to discover Valencia, its streets, squares, monuments and most important historical sites. Visitors have the opportunity to not only take pictures, but to also experience history, feeling a warm sea breeze around their faces, whilst passing through the old and new Valencia and its beautiful gardens. Valencia owns one of the most unusual gardens in the world located in a former riverbed. After the last destructive flood of the interiors of the city, the town council decided to divert and transform the river into a 13km long garden passing through the city offering its citizens and visitors a wide variety of recreational and cultural activities at any time of the year.


The tour departs from our office in Paseo de la Pechina, 32 descending into the riverbed. Here the guide will explain about the history of the city, the riverbed and the gardens. After cycling along the shades of the trees and passing “under” historical bridges we will enter into the heart of the old city via the Serranos Towers, a small castle which used to be the former main entrance of the medieval -walled city. Only a few steps away, you will not only encounter the roman remains of the city, but also Plaza de la Virgen; the Centre of the Old Valencia; and as well as some of the most important historical buildings the city has to offer. We then continue through the narrow streets of the old city until the Palace of the Marquis “Dos Aguas”, the city’s finest baroque monument and Head of the National Ceramics Museum.Next we will pass the old University, the Patriarca church and the Glorieta gardens with some centenary monumental trees. The tour continues along the former riverbed passing by the Music Hall until we reach the City of Arts & Sciences, a brand new landmark of Valencia well known for its futuristic white architecture designed by the world-acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava. From here we will head back to the starting point following the riverbed crossing many historic and modern bridges as well as the Fine Arts Museum

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