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Galerie Musée Continium
Galerie Musée Continium
Galerie Musée-Continium
Galerie Musée-Continium
Galerie Musée-Continium
 Galerie Musée Continium
Galerie Musée Local activité

Continium, Kerkrade

Museumplein 2
6461 AD Kerkrade

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Présentation, Continium

What things to do in Kerkrade? Find the best art gallery or museum in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Discovery Center is a continuum of the three provincial museums of Limburg. In 1998 the museum opened as Industrion: - Museum of Industry and Society. " After over ten years the story of 150 years living, working and living in Limburg have told the rate was changed from the museum.

Données, Continium

In 2009 the museum opened again as a "continuum - Kerkrade Discovery Center," a place where visitors discover what science and technology means to their daily lives mean in the past, present and future. Besides historical themes like coal mining and Maastricht pottery, are also important for the future like nanotechnology and sustainability issues addressed.

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