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Restaurant Bar Otto Santral
Restaurant Bar Otto Santral
Restaurant Bar-Otto Santral
Restaurant Bar-Otto Santral
Restaurant Bar-Otto Santral
 Restaurant Bar Otto Santral
Restaurant Bar Local activité

Otto Santral, Istanbul

Kazim Karabekir cd 2

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Présentation, Otto Santral

What things to do in Istanbul. Looking for a restaurant and bar in Istanbul? View Event1001 and find me a restaurant, find me a bar for dinner and drinks in Turkey. Otto, first launched in 2005 Tunel / Beyoglu a small restaurant and bar, with its unique urban quickly became a favorite for lots of good food and energetic atmosphere.

Données, Otto Santral

Under the slogan, "Good Food, Good Music" Otto was one of the leading locations. Today, Otto is at your service as a restaurant, cafe, bar and nightclub with its three locations. Little Otto in Tunel / Beyoglu has received many good reviews since opening, and it was Otto followed with a new branch plant in 2007, which is located in the center of Istanbul, a popular cultural meeting point by a young and sophisticated, international audience.

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