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Grand Hotel Wien
We wish everyone a great #New Year celebration. We welcome you as a guest tonight and in #2014. More #info to all our partys on #Facebook .
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Théâtre Energiehuis
Théâtre Energiehuis
 Théâtre Energiehuis
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Energiehuis, Dordrecht

Noordendijk 148
3311 RR Dordrecht

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Présentation, Energiehuis

Looking for a venue in Dordrecht. Find me a theater in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The Energiehuis is the place for contemporary (performing) arts for the city of Dordrecht and region.

Données, Energiehuis

This meeting location is available from early morning until late in the evening for both professionals and amateurs. The building and its inhabitants guarantee a new way of art and culture 'experience', 'make' and 'learning'.

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